Applications Support

Applications Support

Contact Info:
Phone: (562) 290-5930

EPSON Robots and Vision Systems are used by thousands of customers worldwide, giving us experience with a wide variety of applications. As one of the many services to our customers, we provide access to knowledgeable Applications Engineers through our Applications Support Hotline. If you have a question regarding a specific application, or just want to bounce some ideas off someone, then this is the place for you. Our Applications Hotline number is (562) 290-5930. You can also send an E-Mail to to get your applications questions answered.

Pre-Sales Technical Support

It is important to us that our customers purchase the right automation equipment for the job at hand. We would rather walk away from an application than push the wrong equipment, and our customers appreciate our honesty in this area. One of the best ways to make sure that you are purchasing the right equipment for your next automation application is by talking with one of our Technical Sales or Applications Engineers. To speak with someone about your upcoming application requirements, you can call your Regional Sales Manager or give us a call in our Carson California Headquarters and we’ll help you with your specific technical questions to make sure you are properly informed about our equipment and its capabilities. Call us at (562) 290-5930 for help in the Pre-Sales Technical Support area. You can also send an E-Mail to with any pre-sales technical questions you may have.

Application Demos and Feasibility Studies

Many times our customers want to know specific technical details about their applications prior to making a purchase. Some of these include: cycle time studies, specific pre-sales demos, and mock ups of applications. If you have a specific demo request contact your Regional Sales Manager.

Help Requests

Please use the form below to ask questions of our technical support staff and we’ll be happy to get you a written response ASAP. This is useful for the "How Do I…" types of questions as usually we have seen the question before and can give you a step by step response on how to solve your issue. Or if you have a broken robot and need help from our Service Dept, they will be happy to walk you through common solutions to your problem.