Case Studies

Case Studies

Epson Case Studies are real world examples of how Epson Robots have been used to solve manufacturing problems. This section shows just a few of those case studies to give potential new Epson Robot users a feel for how our robots have helped solve other manufacturing problems in the world. From cake decorating, to hard drive or hearing aid assembly, Epson Robots are used in a wide variety of industries and applications.

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Industrial Pipe Material Handling

March 2011

Distributor: Questt Factory Automation
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Questt Factory AutomationProblem:
An industrial pipe manufacturer wanted a way to automate the presentation of water pipes to an O-ring injector machine. The task of presenting water pipes to an O-Ring injector machine had always been done by hand but was quite dangerous due to the possibility of operators getting their hands pinched or trapped in the machine. An automation solution was required to help improve the safety of the current process.

Quest Flexible Automation showed the manufacturer a solution using EPSON Pro Six PS3-L (Long Reach 6 Axis) robots. Several EPSON PS3-L Robots were installed over the injector machines. The robots take the water pipes from the molding machine and put them in the O-ring injector machine.

As a result of the EPSON Robot based automated systems, the end user now enjoys a much safer and more efficient process.


  • Production increased due to the speed and precision of the robots in handling the parts.
  • Virtually eliminated risk for workers to get hands caught or pinched due to manual loading/unloading of parts