Press Releases

Press Releases

Epson Robots Honors Flexible Automation for 30 Years of Outstanding Partnership

December 2014

Epson Robots recognized Flexible Automation, Inc. for 30 years of partnership in designing and implementing top notch robotic auomation solutions that make North American manufacturers more productive, competitive and profitable. In their 30 year partnership with Epson Robots, Flexible Automation, Inc. has used a substantial number of Epson SCARA, Cartesian, and 6-axis Epson robots for a wide variety of different robotic applications.

EPSON Announces New C4/C4L 6-Axis Robots

May 2014

Epson Robots, a global leader in advanced robotic technology, introduces the new Epson C4 and C4L Compact 6-Axis Robots. With faster speeds and more payload capability while keeping the SlimLine design, Epson C4 and C4L robots provide superior performance for even the most demanding and complex applications.

EPSON Robots Appoints New Distributor (Burns Controls)

April 2013

EPSON Robots appointed Burns Controls as the new Factory Authorized Distributor for the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas. Having a dedicated Epson Robots Distributor in Dallas, Texas will allow us to better service the fast growing manufacturing market of the South Central US....

EPSON Announces Washdown 6-Axis Robot for Perishable Food Lines

December 2012

Epson Robots introduces new EPSON C3-IP67 Washdown 6-Axis Robots. C3-IP67 robots are made for washdown environments such as perishable food lines, certain medical applications and others where full washdown capabilities of the environment are required.  The new Epson C3-IP67 robots are ideal for raw food handling applications such as meat or cheese processing....

EPSON Announces 6-Axis Robot for Aseptic Manufacturing

October 2012

Epson Robots introduces new EPSON C3-V 6-Axis Robots. C3-V robots provide resistance to Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) Gas, an aggressive chemical used in aseptic manufacturing environments. The new Epson C3-V robots can be used in barrier isolator systems for aseptic manufacturing...

EPSON Launches New Improved Website

August 2012

EPSON Robots, a global leader in advanced robotic technology, announces the launch of their new and improved website at The new look website is a sleek, interactive and easy to use hub of EPSON Robots information with enhanced new features to help our customers locate exactly what they require for their automation projects. 

EPSON Adds LS-6 to Low Cost SCARA Lineup

June 2012

EPSON Robots announced the addition of our new LS-6 SCARA robot to our low cost LS-Series SCARA robot series. Customers loved the lower cost LS3 but wanted a little more reach so we made the LS-6 models to fit their needs....

EPSON Adds Simulator to RC+ 5.x

March 2011

EPSON Robots announced the release of Version 5.4 of our very popular EPSON RC+ Development Software. With Epson RC+ Version 5.4, users can emulate and debug their application code at their desk all while monitoring a 3D model of an Epson Robot.

EPSON Robots Announces New Unique Long Reach SCARA Robot

November 2010

EPSON Robots expanded our popular RS-Series lineup with a new RS4 set of robot models. The RS3 SCARA+ Robot has been very popular due to it’s speed and unique ability to reach underneath itself. The RS4 is a 4Kg 750mm reach addition to the RS-Series.