Epson GUI Builder


  • Easily Create a Graphical User Interface for Operators
  • Create and Debug GUI Forms from your EPSON RC+ Project
  • Fom and Control Events are Executed as SPEL+ Tasks
  • Fully Integrated within EPSON RC+ Development Environment
  • Works with RC700, RC620+, RC180 and RC90 Controllers
  • Also works with T-Series Built-In Controllers

GUI Builder provides the tools for the easy creation of graphical user interfaces from within the popular EPSON RC+ Development Environment. It is a popular option for users that need a simple GUI and do not want to use a third party product such as Visual Studio. Even users that have never before created a GUI can easily make one with GUI Builder. By integrating the GUI Builder toolset inside of the EPSON RC+ Development Environment, users can work from one development environment which helps reduce overall development time. For users that want to create more complex GUI's it is suggested to use EPSON RC+ API 7.0 along with Microsoft Visual Studio or another platform which supports .Net library usage.

Easy to Use

GUI Builder Window - 1

Create a new form and click the Button control from the GUI Builder Toolbar and drag it to the form.

GUI Builder Window - 2

Double click the button and the code editor will appear. Add the SPEL+ code you want to execute when the button is clicked from your application.

GUI Builder Window - 3

Add more graphical components on your form and associated SPEL+ code as well as additional forms as required for your application.

GUI Builder Window - 4

Run the application from the EPSON RC+ Run Window or set to have GUI come up automatically. You can also bring up RC+ dialogs like the I/O monitor shown here.

Parts of the GUI Builder Window

GUI Builder has 5 main areas of use when creating and modifying user GUI's. These include: Toolbar Buttons, Design Area, Forms Explorer, Property Grid and the Events Grid. (See graphic below)

Parts of the GUI Builder Window

 Design Area - This is where forms are displayed at design time. Each opened form is displayed on its own tab. You can easily switch between forms by clicking on the tab or double clicking the form in the forms explorer.

Toolbar Buttons - Contains the various controls to be put on a GUI Builder Form. Many of the common controls are supported such as button, label, textbox, radio button, checkbox, etc. However, there are also some EPSON unique controls to help reduce development time for items routinely needed for robot systems. Some of these unique controls include the video box control (to display Vision Guide Image display window) and the LED control (to interface with EPSON Robot I/O).

Forms Explorer - A tree that contains each form for the current project and its associated controls. When a new form or control is created, it is added to the tree. Double clicking on a form opens the form in its own tab in the design area.

Property Grid - Used to display and edit form and control properties. When you select a form or control, the associated properties are displayed in the grid. You can edit the values for properties thus changing the characteristics of the specific control.

Events Grid - Used to display and change the events for the associated form or control. Each event has a user function (written in SPEL+ code) that is called when the event occurs. This gives the user complete flexibility to program what happens when specific events occur.

Epson GUI Builder

Features & Benefits

GUI Builder was created to allow simple GUI's to be created quickly and easily from within the popular EPSON RC+ Development Environment. Many of our customers currently use VB Guide (.Net libraries) with Microsoft Visual Studio. But for many applications this is overkill. In keeping with EPSON's leadership position in ease of use, we created GUI Builder for simple GUI creation.

Ease of Use Leader

  • Allows for Fast Creation of Operator GUI's for Robot System Operation
  • Point and Click Interface Reduces Development Time
  • Tightly Integrated within Popular EPSON RC+ Development Environment
  • Common Controls Supported such as: Buttons, Text Boxes, Combo Boxes, etc.
  • Robot System Specific Controls Supported: Video Box, LED Control

Powerful Features

  • Events are Handled Through SPEL+ Code
  • Video Box allows Vision Guide Video Display to be Dropped Easily onto User Forms
  • EPSON LED Controls Allow Users to Create their Own I/O Monitors or Interfaces

Two Tiered GUI Development Approach

  • GUI Builder is Available for Simpler GUI Development and Simpler Systems
  • VB Guide (.Net Libraries) Available for Use with Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Both Solutions have EPSON Robot Specific Tools to Reduce Overall Development Time

Epson GUI Builder


Controls Supported

Text Box
Radio Button
Check Box
List Box
Combo Box
Picture Box
Group Box
Video Box

Example Control Properties (Button Control)

Back Color
Back Color Mode
Event Task Type
Font Bold
Font Italic
Font Name
Font Size
Fore Color
Image Alight
Tab Index
Text Alight
Tool Tip Text

Example Control Events (Picture Box Control)

Double Click
Tab Index
Text Alight
Tool Tip Text

Example Control Events (Picture Box Control)

Double Click

Form Properties

Accept Button
Back Color
Cancel Button
Control Box
Dialog Result
Event Task Type
Form Border Style
Help Button
Help ID
Minimize Box
Start Position
Windo State

Form Events


Controllers Supported

RC620+ (GUI Builder 6.0)
RC180 (GUI Builder 5.0)
RC90 (GUI Builder  5.0, GUI Builder 7.0)
RC700 (GUI Builder  7.0)

Part Numbers

GUI Builder 5.0: R12B091102
GUI Builder 6.0: R12B091101
GUI Builder 7.0: R12NZ900AH


Options & Accessories

Sorry, this product currently has no accessories. Please check back soon!



Epson GUI Builder 6.0 Manual (for RC620+ Controller)  
Epson GUI Builder 5.0 Manual (for RC180/RC90 Controllers)  
Epson GUI Builder 7.0 Manual (for RC90 and RC700 Controllers using RC+ 7.0)