Epson RC+ Security/Audit Log

Security/Audit Log

  • Provides Password Level protection to EPSON RC+ based systems
  • Allows Administrators to decide which features to give access to
  • Audit Log records changes made to programs, settings, and point files
  • Allows Multiple Levels of Access Based on User Groups (I.E. developers, maintenance…)
  • New: Now included as standard feature in RC+ 7.0 (available with RC700 and RC90 Controllers)

The EPSON RC+ Security Option allows you to manage EPSON RC+ users and also monitor usage of the EPSON RC+ software. The purpose of the Security Option is to closely guard who can make changes to the robot systems. Also, when changes are made to code, point files, etc. this activity is added to the Audit Log file so a record of every change is kept in a centralized place. This is useful when multiple people are making changes to a system.

When activated, every user is assigned a userid and password. Administrators can add users and groups. Each group can have one or more rights associated with it. For example, you can create a group called Maintenance that has rights to edit robot points, use the Jog & Teach Window, and enble you to use the Command Window. But the Maintenance group would not be allowed to edit programs. When a user attempts to do something he/she does not have a right for, a message "Permission denied" will be displayed.

Epson RC+ Security/Audit Log

Features & Benefits

Many years ago Epson customers asked us for a way to restrict access to various areas of the EPSON RC+ development environment. As a result, the Security/Audit Log option was created giving Administrators complete control over who has access to which parts of the EPSON RC+ Development Environment.


  • Can set various levels of access through the use of "Groups"
  • Can assign individual USERID's and Passwords with associated access rights
  • Allows only Authorized Users to make changes to the system
  • Minimizes number of "phantom" changes to systems
  • Allows Personnel Access to only what they need to do their job
  • Tracks system changes such as (code, teach point info, system configurations, etc.)

Used in a Wide Variety of Applications and Industries

  • Automotive
  • Hard Drive
  • Medical
  • Lab Automation
  • Consumer Products
  • Industrial
  • Telecommunications
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Solar
  • Semiconductor
  • Electronics

Epson RC+ Security/Audit Log


Available Group Rights

Configure Options
Access to Command Window
Configure System
Jog & Teach Windows Access
Security Log Access
Delete Security Log
Teach Points
Edit Vision
Edit Programs
Edit Projects
Change Memory I/O
Change Robot Parameters
Output Port On/Off (turning on/off Outputs)
Edit Points

SPEL+ Security Commands

LogIn Function
GetCurrentUser$ Function

Controllers Supported

RC620+, RC700/RC90 with RC+ 7.0 (included standard)

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