Support Overview

Support Overview

Welcome to Epson Robots customer support. The customer support pages are here to help customers find answers to technical related questions they may have such as: "I need help with my application or workcell layout", "I can’t get the vision system to find parts", "My robot crashed and I need to fix it", "What spare parts should I order?", "What training classes do you offer?", "Can I get an update for my Epson RC+ Control Software?" and much more.

Epson is well known for providing the best technical support in the industry. Our goal is to help answer your questions and solve technical issues in the most efficient manner possible so that when we’re through, you will be a raving fan of our service. Through this advanced level of service, Epson customers know they can count on Epson not just sometimes but every time to get their robots up and running quickly and keep them running for a long time into the future.

Customer Service

For help with broken robots, maintenance, robot rebuilds, spare parts kits and more.

Software Updates

Release Notes, Readme files and service pack EXE files to update your software.

Applications Support

Help with technical "how to" issues, feasibility studies, selecting right robot for your job, cell layout, etc.

Knowledge Base

Searchable knowledge base which provides answers to many of your technical support questions.


See what training courses Epson Robots has to offer and register for a class.

Help Requests

Fill out a form to request technical help for broken robots or for how to use your Epson Robots.

Training Videos

Sample 2-5 minute how-to videos showing common setup, programming, and other tasks.


Customer Support

Customer 290-5920 290-5930 290-5990
Sales 290-5910


Southeast & South CentralMarty 290-5586
NortheastBrian 290-5584
MidwestGeorge 290-5582
North CentralRich 290-5589
WestLes 290-5587
International (Australia,
Central America, South America)
John 290-5580
BrasilMarta Machado 11 3956-6868