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Robot Lineup

As the leader in SCARA robot technology Epson has over 200 SCARA models available. We created a new class of SCARA arms nearly 15 years ago with the compact SCARA models. Now on our 3rd generation of compact SCARA models, Epson continues to lead the way with faster, more precise compact SCARA models. We also now have an even smaller and more precise model series with 175 and 225mm arm reaches and repeatibilities down to 5 microns. We call these Mini-SCARA’s as they are breaking ground in an entirely new set of applications. What used to require an expensive precision XY table can now be done using a less expensive G1 SCARA which also uses far less factory space and has faster cycle throughput.

Our G-Series doesn’t stop there as we also have models going up to 1000mm in reach capable of handling 20Kg payloads all while still bringing the same expected Epson Robots precision and speed. Models are now available from 175-1000mm and most with many optional configurations such as: Clean/ESD, Wall or Ceiling mounting or even IP54 or IP65 dustproof and washdown models. We also have an innovatve new SCARA design called the RS-Series. Available in 350 and 550mm lengths the RS-Series (or SCARA+) robots have all the advantages of a typical SCARA plus more. They have no dead space in the middle like typical SCARA arms so they have much more effective work envelope usage and cycle times can be improved significantly for many applications.

The C3 compact robot is the latest edition of our 6-axis robot lineup. With models available from 600 to nearly 1000mm in reach, Epson has powerful solutions for midrange 6-axis applications. From medical to automotive, our S5 arms are delivering solid solutions for tough manufacting applications. The C3 is moving into the Lab Automation and medical fields very quickly with applications like blood and lens handling.

Rounding out the Epson industrial robot lineup is our Epson EZ modules which are available at 1, 2, 3 or 4 axis models. They can also be used as an integrated 5th axis slide for Epson SCARA robots or a 7th axis slide for our 6-axis arms. Available in sizes up to 1000mm in length, Epson EZ modules are used in medical, automotive, industrial, electronics and many other industries.


Unlike most robot vendors, Epson has a 2 tiered controller offering. With both a high performance Open Architecture PC based controller and a compact yet powerful low end controller, you can be sure to get the controller needed for your next application.

Epson Robots is the leader in Open Architecture PC based controls. The RC620+ is our 3rd generation PC based controller with more innovative and high performance features than ever before offered. Up to 20 axes (2 6-Axis plus 2 SCARA arms) can now be controlled from just 1 RC620+ PC based controller. But the power doesn’t stop there. With 2 processors, motion and operations requiring real time performance are handled independently of Microsoft Windows applications yet integrated solidly to provide a true PC based controller with real time performance.

Epson also offers a lower cost yet high performance compact sized controller for customers that have smaller budgets. While smaller in size, the RC180 MicroPower Drive controller is not lacking in features. It can control our SCARA, 6-axis and Linear Module robots and even has many integrated options available to speed up your next development while also saving you money.


Epson has spent over 34 years searching for ways to improve factories and manufacturing. Originally built for Epson watch manufacturing and other assembly tasks, Epson Robots are now used in thousands of different projects building hundreds of millions of products on a daily basis.

With a constant focus on innovation and continuous improvement, Epson has introduced many technology "firsts" to the industry. From the first super clean robot for use in the semi-conductor industry, to the first PC based controllers and recently the new RS-Series SCARA+ robots, Epson continues to find new ways to solve manufacturing problems.

As the builder of robot arms, controllers and many complimentary automation products Epson has a strong commitment to the manufacturing industry. Take a look at some of our major offerings over the past nearly 30 years.

#1 in Ease of Use

Rated Number OneIt’s no surprise that EPSON Robots is #1 in ease of use as that has been one of our major focus points for nearly 20 years. In 1994 we introduced the 1st robot controller to support Microsoft Windows and set a new standard in ease of use. But the innovation didn’t stop there. Three years later we integrated Windows into the world’s first PC based Open Architecture Controller and have led the industry in ease of use ever since. (We recently introduced our 4th generation PC based controller with the RC700A Controller)

However, ease of use is not just simply having a Windows based user interface. For EPSON Robots, ease of use is all about building software that is "Intuitive by Design". Our EPSON RC+ software was built from the ground up to allow new users to quickly learn due to keeping things "powerfully simple". Advanced and beginning users find EPSON RC+ very easy to learn yet powerful enough to help solve even the most complex of applications. The simplicity comes from years of automation experience and a constant drive to make it easier than before. The goal for EPSON RC+ is and has always been to "build tools that are intuitive and overly simple to use". With each new software release comes improvements, new ease of use features, and more "powerfully simple" tools to make automation developers jobs easier.



Epson Robots are famous for running 24/7 and 365 days a year. Our robots are used in thousands of factories throughout the world including many Epson factories so we know how important it is for robots to continue running. In fact, there are many Epson robots running today that have been out there for 15+ years and still going strong. With proper maintenance and following application guidelines, you will get many years of useful production from your Epson Robot.

How do we do it? Epson has very stringent quality requirements that both our vendors and manufacturing facilities must follow. Also, we have done extensive testing with UL to make sure that our robots meet the UL1740 manufacturing standard. But meeting getting a UL mark is not enough. In addition, our QA section goes many steps further to ensure top quality with each robot shipped. We also meet RoHS standards for Europe and the world.

Customer Support

This is one of the areas where Epson far exceeds the expectations of our customers. And we do it on a daily basis. Ask for a drawing, it’s sent that day.. Not 2 days later. Need help with an application? We’ll be glad to give pointers, tips and help solve problems over the phone, by email and many times by sending sample code for solutions to customer application problems. Crashed your robot? We’ll help you get it running again ASAP as we know you are losing valuable $’s for every minute it is down.

If you have questions, we have answers. Our Applications and Customer Service Dept members take great pride in helping answer all your questions both before and after a sale. Let us help you layout your application. Need some pointers on how to best layout your controls or software design? We’re glad to help up front when it’s easy to make changes. But if you waited until after development already started and get stuck, give us a call and we’ll get you answers.

It’s 5PM and you need a part shipped for arrival by the next day. While we can’t guarantee that we can meet that request every time, we have many happy customers where we did just that sometimes requiring a special trip to Fed Ex to make it happen. We will do whatever it takes to get parts to you on time or faster. It’s what we do.


15 Month Limited WarrantyEpson Robots come with a standard 15 month warranty. We stand behind our product and while we don’t expect you will run into problems, if you do we will be there to help.

Extended warranties are also available taking your warranty protection up to a full 3 years.

Environmentally Friendly Practices

Epson is fully committed to the environment and has aimed to create innovative products that are reliable, recyclable and energy efficient.

Epson strives to minimize the environmental impact across the life cycle of its products by incorporating the following environmental practices:

Additionally, Epson has achieved the following environmental milestones:

  • 1988: Epson was the first company to eliminate chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) from its precision cleaning process.
  • 2000: The Epson Portland facility achieved an accomplishment of zero waste sent to landfills.
  • 2001: All Epson business establishments completed its ISO 14001 certification activities.
  • 2001: Epson introduced wind power as an alternative energy source. Since then, Epson has also introduced additional energy sources such as hydro, solar and natural gas, and continually works to prevent soil and groundwater contamination at Epson factories.
  • 2006: Epson reduced the impacts of distribution by decreasing packaging size, requiring less shipping space.
  • 2008: Epson introduced its 2050 plan to reduce C02 emissions by 90% across the lifecycle of all products and services by 2050.
  • 2008: Epson was chosen for the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index.

For more information about Epson’s environmental initiatives, visit www.epson.com/environment.